We receive horse riders of all levels who wish to improve their technique. We have well-trained horses that easily approach the most complex exercises to ensure the best teaching to our students.

The transmission of knowledge of equitation is for us more than a way of life, it is a passion. Through individual and personalized training programs,the lessons with Lusitanian schoolmaster horses that will enable you to develop and perfect your level.

If you are dreaming with being able to compete with a pure-bred Lusitanian horse in competitions in Portugal, as a team we are very proud of preparing a specific training program suitable for your level of competition. We will accompany you with technical and logistical support on the day of the event.

Learn all about the daily work with Lusitano Thoroughbred Horses on an intensive internship regime!

Make your own intensive training package, individually tailored to your choice to become exactly what you dreamed with Lusitanian horses. Enjoy a relaxing stay at our region hotels with portuguese gastronomy, historical and religious monuments, beaches, caves, and thermal baths. They are some offers of our region right in the heart of Portugal.

We wait for you so we all together design the program of your dreams.