We have qualified professionals for Adapted Equitation and Hippotherapy practice. We also promote horse/rider binomials for competitions (paradressage).

The Adapted Equitation is one of the branches of equitation with therapeutic goals, that aims  leisure and sports, becoming paradressage. The maximal exponent of this equestrian discipline is reached in the Paraolympic Games (athletes with motor deficiency). Concerning this discipline, all resources that formal equitation provides are used as a way of developing the needed  skills  to promote the individuals' autonomy. This is applied to physically limited individuals that have at least some capacities of interaction with the environment. The team is formed by horse riding coaches and health  technicians with training in this areas.

The Hippotherapy's goals are specifically neuromotor and are relative to the individual process of rehabilitation. It's an approach of clinical orientation that is conduced by health professionals with the support of horse riding coaches and horses trained for this purpose. The goal is to gain contributes for rehab through the horse movement. This branch is appropriate to individuals with severe limitations and low ability to interact with the environment, and marks the social and therapeutic conscience like a priority. Autism, down syndrome, muscular dystrophy and neurodegenerative diseases are some of the possible pathologies that could benefit of this modality.